Selkirk wall saga – will a solution be found in 2014?

Councillors will meet early in the New Year to decide how to solve Selkirk’s long-running Yarrow Terrace saga, writes Sandy Neil.

A dispute between Scottish Borders Council and the Glen Hotel’s owners over legal responsibility for a crumbling wall has disrupted traffic on the road for almost two years. A one-way system is currently in operation.

“It’s gone on for too long,” Councillor Gordon Edgar told The Southern. “The legal positions regarding the wall are totally in opposition.

“It’s causing distress and concern within Selkirk. The council is trying to bring it to a head.”

The council’s executive member for roads and infrastructure explained: “We have to come up with a proper solution. At the beginning of the New Year, councillors will look at the options and costings, and see where we can go from here.

“We’re considering a whole load of options. Can we just walk away from it? That’s option 1. Well, no, we can’t, because the wall’s not safe. We could put traffic lights in, but there’s a big cost implication. Or do we make the one-way system permanent? But there’s a big cost to that too. If there is a cost, where do we find the money?

“We will be held to account if we spend public money, but we’re elected to make difficult decisions. Hopefully, it’ll be sorted in 2014.”