Railway to gather pace once advanced works completed

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One kilometre of the Borders Railway track will be laid every day once all advanced works are completed, BAM Nuttall’s Stuart McKay has revealed.

The project manager was discussing the details of the current works taking place – ahead of the physical construction of the railway – at Galashiels Community Council.

He said BAM are currently facing up to a series of challenging sections within the town which need to be tackled promptly, or the project faces delays. Mr McKay added: “The big challenge is the advanced works before the track works.

“If one bridge is not ready within the 30 mile per hour area, it pushes everything back.

“Laying the track is the quickest part of the contract.”

He added that works at Low Buckholmside will be the most complex, with a new bridge being added, while Winston Road and Currie Road/Glenfield will see substantial changes in its landscapes.