Rail benefits on the agenda

A councillor is steaming ahead with plans to ensure that Galashiels is on track to benefit from the new railway, writes Bob Burgess.

Bill White wants to establish a task force to prepare the town centre for next year’s opening of the rail link between Edinburgh and the central Borders.

He wants business bosses, campaign groups and the public to attend an open meeting he’s holding in the town’s Volunteer Hall on Tuesday. Councillor White says it is important that a co-ordinated approach is made when tackling town centre improvements.

The newly-formed Energise Galashiels group will be represented and they are urging as many organisations as possible to attend and become part of what they describe as a pro-active process.

Energise Galashiels was formed amid concerns about the large number of empty shops in the town. Its aim is to enhance , promote and reconnect the town through tourism, sport, music, theatre and the arts.

When the group was launched, a spokesman commented: “Our strategy is to fully understand the opportunities that will arise from a rail link in less than a year’s time.”

The Borders Railway is to due open next autumn. Tuesday’s meeting is at 6.30pm.