No solution in sight for bottleneck congestion

NO plan is yet in place to fix a troublesome bottleneck junction in Galashiels.

Queues are often lengthy at the narrow Hall Street junction which merges onto busy Island Street near the centre of town.

Councillor Sandy Aitchison said he discussed the long-standing issue with Ewan Doyle, Galashiels Inner Relief Road project manager.

Mr Aitchison told Galashiels Community Council: “The problem is if you want to turn right you block every car wanting to go left.

“The junction is not part of the Gala Inner Relief Road project, but they have looked into having two lanes to turn left or right.

“There is also a possibility that a small roundabout, similar to the one at the Abbotsford Road/Tweed Road junction, be put in place by taking out the adjacent garden area.

“Hopefully we will see something in the not too distant future, but nothing is in place yet.”

Community council vice-chairman Kenneth Windram said: “The Clovenfords to Scott Street route is already a rat run – this needs sorted out.”