‘Lazy’ drivers warned to heed parking rules in Selkirk

There's been huge disruption in the town centre
There's been huge disruption in the town centre

Motorists in Selkirk town centre have been warned they face tough action if they ignore no-parking zones.

Drivers and pedestrians are facing major disruption in the coming weeks due to ongoing roadworks and the parking restrictions that come with them.

Community police constable Conal McEwan, speaking at a meeting of Selkirk Community Council this week, made a plea for the public to park responsibly or face the consequences.

He warned that no-parking zones that include High Street, Back Row, Bleachfield Road and Raeburn Lane should not be ignored.

PC McEwan said: “I’ve been talking to quite a few people on the street and one or two have been left scratching their head over where they are going to park.

“These restrictions will not stop people loading or unloading if they are going to a place of work.

“However, it doesn’t include going to unload some of their change for a roll or a pie at Cameron’s.

“There is severe disruption in the town as a result of these works, and the problem is that people are being lazy.

“They will park where they want to park, not where they should park.

“They should be warned that this is a no-parking zone during the period of the roadworks and if a car is causing an unnecessary obstruction, we have the power to remove it from the road surface.”

PC McEwan has encouraged the public to report a vehicle if they consider it to be dangerously parked, adding: “If you are in the town centre and you see bad parking, and you think it is a danger you have every right to phone it in on 101, or if you think it is really dangerous, then ring 999.”

Selkirk independent councillor Gordon Edgar called on the public to contact council chief executive Tracey Logan with their parking concerns. Mr Edgar has been calling for the council to introduce a decriminalised parking system across the Borders for years, but his requests have fallen on deaf ears.