Benefits of working for Munro’s

I count myself fortunate to be employed at Munro’s of Jedburgh.

I started 10 years ago as a trainee driver and I am now depot controller. This company and its directors have given me the opportunity to live a worthwhile life after many years of unemployment. I now own my house and have a good standard of living.

In 10 years there has never been a moment I felt that the company directors did not have my best interests at heart.

I have seen how tirelessly they have worked to build up the company to ensure job security for its employees and to provide a good and valuable service to the communities we serve, often under difficult circumstances. I understand that there is always room for improvement, a lesson I have learned while working for Munro’s, and that people have a right to air their grievances in your paper.

I was a member of the pension scheme and I am disappointed it has come to an end but I understand the circumstances.

The person who contacted your paper failed to mention that when we could not work due to the servere weather, every man still went home with a wage, a circumstance many other people in the Borders did not share.

He also did not mention the great lengths the directors of this company have gone to over the years to look after the needs of their employees, with special shifts to suit changing circumstances or financial aid for those experiencing difficulties.

I work for men whose office doors are always open to their staff, who always listen to any problem a staff member may bring to them, and who always do their best to reward loyalty and diligence.

This is a family business that provides a living to many families in the borders.

Colleagues who share my opinion have also signed this letter.

Marc Edward Dawson

Munro’s of Jedburgh

John Sayer, Tony McConnell, Adam Rutkowski, David Anderson, Jono McGeown, Ian Fraser, James Wilkie, Lewis Williamson, Mark Young, Colin Riddell, Mike Dall, Tam Watson, Colin Renwick, Caitlin Dawson, Donald Nichol, David Boyce, Keith McGlasson, Ronnie Barrie, Ross Tipping, Gary McMillan, Gordon Smith, James Innglis, David Barker and Ronnie Cameron