A72 closure for landslip works at Nutwood near Peebles

The A72 will be closed for one day in September as Scottish Borders Council repair the landslip at Nutwood, near Peebles.

Works include the use of draped and contoured rock netting to contain any further movement, along with the felling of a number of the larger trees by the Forestry Commission to stabilise the steep bank.

This will require temporary traffic lights and closure of the road at various times to allow these separate works to be undertaken.

The netting works will be carried out on the area of the landslip on Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 August. The netting will be carried out under the present temporary traffic light arrangement which will then be removed on completion.

The Forestry Commission works to fell a number of trees to reduce wind rock and any further movement of the bank, while keeping root systems in place to stabilise the steep bank, will take place during the week commencing Monday, September 9.

During this operation the road will be closed for the majority of the tree removal with this lasting one night between the hours of 10pm and 6am.

A further day will then be required to complete the works and this will be carried out under a temporary traffic light arrangement.

An SBC spokesman said: “Confirmation of the exact date of the closure will be provided following notification by the Forestry Commission once they receive a felling licence.”