Jedburgh’s one-way system is staying put, confirms council

Scaffold in  Jedburgh's town square.
Scaffold in Jedburgh's town square.

Potential alterations to Jedburgh’s one-way system have been scrapped by Scottish Borders Council.

Townsfolk had hoped that the one-way restriction in Exchange Street, in place due to long-term scaffolding around a dangerous building there, could be replaced by a two-way priority system as the works have been halted.

But Jedburgh councillor Jim Brown told the town’s community council’s meeting this week: “We have had a look at it, but apparently the distances would not allow for a give-way arrow to be put in place. The officer felt that if we had that system in place, it would probably end up making a traffic jam in the centre of the town.

“He felt that what is there is the best way of managing the traffic at the moment.”

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