Town to trial re-use project

SELKIRK is set to be the centre of a new community recycling project after the council agreed to put £7,000 towards the scheme.

It will enable the development of a pilot reuse project at Selkirk community recycling centre (CRC) which will see storage facilities created for furniture and other items which can go to a new home.

The cash is coming from a £1.2million pot of money which is to be used for a variety of council projects across the Borders.

Councillor Davie Paterson, executive member for environmental services said: “Furniture and white goods are regularly deposited at the council’s CRCs. Although we manage to recycle some of the material, the majority still ends up in landfill, which is not sustainable in the long term.

“The aim of the pilot CRC Re-Use Project is to capture furniture and white goods at Selkirk CRC and store them in a lockable container ready for re-use.

“In order for the project to be successful relationships and supply chains will need to be developed further with local re-use organisations to ensure that the collected items are put to good use.”

Councillor Paterson added: “If successful, we hope the ­lessons learned from this project can be used to develop similar services at the council’s other community recycling centres.”