Town’s council a hit on Facebook

A Facebook page set up by Kelso Community Council little more than a month ago has already attracted more than 9,000 hits.

At this month’s meeting of the community council, Provost John Bassett highlighted the success of the council’s new social media page to fellow members.

Mr Bassett explained that the page was proving very popular.

And he told The Southern: “As you know, we wish to get as much information to the people of Kelso as possible.

“So, with social networking seeming to be the in thing, and with other community councils throughout Scotland using them – as well as Scottish Borders Council – to good effect, we decided to set up a page for Kelso.

“This was about five weeks ago and we posted the minutes from our meeting, and other items which are relevant to Kelso, and so far we have had over 9,000 hits and 349 people from Kelso have already joined.

“We are looking for more so we can get as much information to the Kelso community, as and when need be.”

Mr Bassett says many of the town’s traders have also joined the page, which has links to Visit Kelso and other local websites which give out information on Kelso.

“So as you can see I am very pleased with the way it has been received and hope it will get stronger and people use it,” he added.

z Meanwhile, one local issue in Kelso needing more publicity, is the initiative to try to attract sponsorship for flowerbeds in the town.

This topic was also discussed at the most recent community council session.

Mr Bassett told us: “Over the last three years, Scottish Borders Council has cut back on planting, so it is now up to the community to plant some areas of the town and also carry out the maintenance.

“To this end, the community council has had to find sponsors to help fund the planting as well as contributing money ourselves.

“As you know, the community council does not get funds to do this, so we are lucky that Kelso Horticultural Society has planted and maintained the flowerbeds at Bridgend Island for the last three years and we had a really good sponsor.

“What we need now are other people who would like to either sponsor us to keep the flower beds planted or help with maintenance of flower beds.”

z The subject of Kelso’s dilapidated North Trinity Church was also on the agenda.

Ambitious plans by a local group to rescue the East Bowmont Street structure from further deterioration and convert it into a community, cultural and arts facility failed and the B-listed Gothic building passed into the ownership of a firm of Edinburgh developers.

The owners have made a start to tidying up the site, but local Scottish Borders councillor Alec Nicol told community councillors he hopes the owners will still do more.