Tory MSP not well placed to offer NHS advice

Conservative MSP John Lamont seems to suggest that to solve the escalating cost of agency locums, NHS Borders should recruit more doctors (Southern, December 25).

Brilliant! Perhaps his solution to a prolonged drought would be: “It should rain more.”

Regarding this, and the question of the potential transfer of local NHS services due to funding issues, I’m not convinced that a Tory MSP is well placed to offer any coherent advice on the NHS when his party and their Liberal Democrat accomplices are enthusiastically demonising, collapsing, cutting and privatising the NHS in England, and would, no doubt, happily do the same in Scotland if they ever got the opportunity.

His acclamation of Chancellor George Osborne dispatching £125million of our taxes back to us to help sustain NHS Scotland is somewhat embarrassing.

There would be no need to go cap-in-hand to Generous George if the Scottish Parliament was in complete control of all its tax and revenue streams – you know, like we were promised in the lead-up to the independence referendum?

Al Munro

High Street