Torino target the top as new EP gains attention

Torino have a new EP out called The Cable Telegraph
Torino have a new EP out called The Cable Telegraph

BORDERS band Torino are getting some independent interest in their latest EP.

The rock/indie five-piece have received attention from a series of UK radio stations outwith the mainstream network for The Cable Telegraph, released on February 3.

Bassist Mike Gray said: “We seem to have gained a lot of independent radio station interest.

“We were on Amazing Radio’s rock show last Saturday, Hermitage FM’s LaunchPad show the week before and played on Cuillin FM’s Heavy Metal Freight Train show.

“We are also being interviewed on Verbulam FM next Thursday.

“In combination with the live shows, its been quite a busy wee time for an unsigned Borders band, which has generated us a lot of publicity.

“We have all been around in various bands for years and this is the most interest we have generated, so we seem to be doing something right this time.”

Formed in 2009, Torino – currently made up of Mike from Oxton, Galashiels quartet Jay McEwan, Stu Gordon (both backing vocals and guitar), Paul Blackwood (vocals) and Adam Odoj (drums) – first came to prominence in 2011 when they won the String Jam Club’s Songwriters of the Year award with their acoustic performance winning the audience’s vote.

They released The Newtons Law in the same year and in 2012 performed at the new Stowed Out Festival in Stow.

Compared at the time to the likes of Radiohead, Turin Brakes and Birds of Tokyo, they have appeared on the same stages as Frightened Rabbit and Dawn of the Replicants.

While admitting it is unlikely they will reach the heights of Frightened Rabbit’s current success – the Selkirk group’s latest album debuted at number 9 in the UK charts last Sunday – Mike says Torino are enjoying the limelight shining on their latest record.

And he hopes the interest in the band will show the Borders has plenty musicial talent waiting to be discovered.

He said: “We would love music in the Borders to get anywhere.

“We would love a big festival for the Borders and think, as we have done for years, that the region is capable of supporting it.

“I think what we are doing in the meantime is that, with the versatile digital landscape these days where anything is possible, you could get a break via Youtube or you might get a break via a TV programme’s use of your music.

“We’re looking for that angle, really, and to that end this month should see us release a video with more promotion. I guess the message is that it’s all about hard work.

“Will we be the next Frightened Rabbit? Realistically, I don’t think so. We are all getting on a bit to do it like that and it’s much more a mature band that’s into its music.”

Torino have two gigs lined up next month, in Henry’s Cellar Bar in Edinburgh on Saturday, March 16, followed by a launch night for The Cable Telegraph in H20 in Galashiels on March 30.

The group will be supported by Hawick’s This Wooden Idea and OmniBlob from Galashiels.

Tickets are priced at £5 for both gigs and are available via Torino’s website, emailing or by paying on the door.

The Cable Telegraph EP is available to buy online, but can be downloaded for free for a limited time from