Torino’s Thom vote win

Rockers Torino have triumphed in TheSouthern’s online poll to find the support act for Sandi Thom at her Galashiels gig in June.

Torino claimed more than 1,000 votes – around 50 per cent of the votes cast – to claim the prize on Sunday, June 16.

Closest rivals were The Old Buzzard Blues Band with more than 800 votes in their favour.

Tickets for Sandi Thom’s gig are still available through

The quintet will celebrate the win this Saturday with a gig in H20 in Galashiels to launch their EP The Cable Telegraph.

Also on the bill is Hawick’s This Wooden Idea and an acoustic set from Omniblob – the gig begins at 7pm and tickets are priced at £5.