Topping way to help hospice cash bid

VARIOUS groups are appealing for help in their fundraising efforts to support the planned hospice unit at the Borders General Hospital.

Over the past few years, a number of them have been collecting plastic milk bottle tops to raise money for the much-needed centre.

The Rotary Club of Galashiels is one such organisation and has begun collecting tops from schools in the town. Many of the other groups and people who take part in the collection take the bottle tops to Callum’s Trust.

As previously reported by TheSouthern, the trust was set up in 2008 by Audrey Finney after the death of her husband Callum, who died from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

One of the missions listed on the trust’s website is to “provide funds to any charity involved in the development of a hospice within the Scottish Borders”.

The bottle tops are bought by CK Polymers in Charlesfield for £150 per tonne.

To make delivery of the bottle tops to the buyer easier, a number of churches and individuals in the Borders region sort the tops to make sure that they are all plastic.

CK Polymers take a tonne of bottle tops, chip them, melt them and form them into pellets which are used to make cable casings.

Galashiels Rotary Club and Callum’s Trust team together to put the money raised into an account specifically for funding the furnishings in the hospice.

Mrs Finney from Callum’s Trust and co-ordinator Sheena Cossar delivered 140kg of bottle tops to the Charlesfield depot, telling TheSouthern: “We were delighted to discover that the one tonne bag was almost full”.

The hope is to collect many more tonnes of bottle tops to support this campaign. Supporters are asked not to take thier own collections to the depot at Charlesfield, but rather to get in touch via:

Sheena Cossar: 01896 751 694

Callum’s Trust: 01896 757 887

Galashiels Rotary Club: 01896 753 118