Top effort from Graeme

IT’S Children in Need time and a Morebattle man has come up with an unusual way to raise cash.

For Graeme Lang will wear a Celtic football top instead of his beloved Rangers attire for the regular spinning class he attends in Kelso.

The 36-year-old, who has supported Rangers from boyhood, said: “It’s difficult!”

It’s the first time he has raised money for the national charity and his work colleagues at Kelso Swimming Pool are set to sponsor him.

Spinning class leader Lynn Young said: “Graeme was not keen and was going to just wear one of my Hearts tops – we were going to swap and I would wear his Rangers top – but we knew it would raise more money if he wore a Celtic top!”

She hopes the rest of the spinners at Abbey Fitness Gym next Thursday might join in too by wearing ‘opposite’ tops in whatever sport or game they support and raise even more money for children.