Tips for healthier nails

A lot of people neglect their nails, yet by following simple steps, improvement can be seen very quickly in appearance and health.

Healthy nails should be smooth and pink. As we get older nails tend to develop harmless ridges. Nails can develop white spots due to injury, but these grow out.

If there are any of the following on the nails, have them checked – thickening of the nail plate, nail separation, if the nails start to discolour, any unexplained redness or swelling round them.

For healthy nails it is important to eat healthily, file nails regularly from side to centre, cut nails straight across, then round the edges off after soaking them

Use a hand cream, and make sure the cream is rubbed into the cuticles.

Treat yourself to a manicure every four to six weeks.

Wear a base coat under polish to prolong the polish and avoid staining of the nail plate.