Time travel in Gala’s braw windaes

Windows To The Future
Windows To The Future
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A ‘Windows To The Future’ project is showing Galashiels’ history and fate this weekend in three of the town’s high street shop 

Since January, pupils from five of the town’s primary schools have been poring over old photographs, donated by townsfolk, to create four ‘pop-up puppet theatres’ in empty shop windows on April 13 and 14, showing Galashiels’ past, present and future.

Each school (St Peter’s, Burgh, Balmoral, Glendinning and Langlee) investigated different eras: the former Bookplus shop shows 1900-1945, the old Hendersons Travel agents 1945-1980, and the ex-electrical shop will be 1980s, the present and the future.

Project leader Kerry Jones said: “All the shops will have animations and films of shadow puppets the schools have made, with audio recordings and archive films from the 1900s, Braw lad footage from the 70s and some Borderlife newsreels.”