Time to take a walk on wild side

In response to the suggestion by a councillor in last week’s Southern on giving communities strimmers, do councillors not think that there is more than enough strimming of our wild habitat already?

I would like to suggest that there should be a lot more planting of wildflower meadows which has many advantages, including the main one which would be of benefit to our dwindling insect life – they also look attractive and do not need strimmed.

It is high time that this banishing of the countryside from our villages and towns was put to rest and a lot more thought was put into the plants that are bought and planted to make sure that they are beneficial to insects. Also care should be taken that existing wildflowers, nettles and grasses that are struggling to survive are not mown down indiscriminately along footpaths, verges and bankings.

If communities are willing to look after areas of land then a good wildflower mix to plant will be a lot cheaper and health and safety will not have to be involved.

Jane Seth

Main Street

St Boswells