Time to cash in on valleys’ projects

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ETTRICK and Yarrow valley residents are being urged to put forward any community-benefitting projects for money.

As part of the Leader-funded £60,000 regeneration programme for the area, £10,000 is available for grants.

Project officer Julie Nock said: “The £10,000 is for anything that promotes the valleys or helps the valleys’ community, or leaves a lasting legacy in the valleys or even for a piece of equipment, say for the playgroup or if somebody wants to put on an event.

“We are open to any and all suggestions.”

A meeting of some of the community’s 25 artists and crafters on Monday suggested tours of workshops and staging exhibitions in the village halls.

“It was a very successful meeting,” said Ms Nock.

In a newsletter to valley residents last week, Ms Nock said tourism businesses in the area are setting up a not-for-profit promotion group.

“They are getting themselves organised to put their stamp on this part of the world and that’s a fantastic result,” she told us.

For further information, contact her on Julie@sup.org.uk or 01750 23760.