There’s nothing smalls about Pesco’s underwear

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A new, free Textile Towerhouse exhibition is giving Borderers the chance to discover some of the history and heritage of Peter Scott or ‘Pesco’.

Hawick Museum’s Richard White told us: “The exhibition traces the story of the firm from the knitwear firm’s founding by Peter Scott himself in 1878, right through to the present day.

Storyboards, images, historical garments, authentic brochures and memorabilia show how its high-quality knitwear has evolved.

“The fine underwear Peter Scott made in the Victorian era transformed into the sought-after fashionable outerwear of the 1920s and 1930s which established the reputation of Pesco Sportswear – from comfortable combinations to classic pullovers and twinsets.

“Examples of these are on show in the exhibition. Peter Scott has maintained its identity and reputation for quality and design right up to the present day and this is showcased in a display of contemporary Peter Scott knit designs on the Catwalk.”

The show stays open until April.