There’s no need to be blinded by the light

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Well it certainly does feel like spring has finally arrived this week, with daffodils in bloom in most gardens.

It is at this time of year that we can enjoy the warmer rays of sun, but sometimes we do need to block out the sun from our rooms – and blinds are a great way of achieving this.

Roman blinds are a luxurious smart way of dressing a window. These can be lowered enough to stop the suns rays, but still allowing some light into the room.

A Roman blind with blackout lining is also a great way to darken a room if you need this for sleeping, now that the lighter mornings have returned. This design of blind is suitable for most window types. They can be used in all rooms too.

Adding a border or edging in a contrast fabric to your blind can be a clever way of customising your blind to fit into your colour scheme beautifully. This contrast fabric can also be used for curtains which is a fantastic way of harmonising your window dressing.

Piped cushions can bring the colours together – a simple but clever way of adding the final touch to your room.

For a crisp, clean effect, wooden Venetian blinds can be a classic way to dress your windows. These blinds come in a variety of woods and, therefore, in a range of colours. Something to suit everyone. These blinds add warmth to any room.

Privacy can be an issue for many of us and vertical blinds may be the answer to this problem. These come in a wide variety of colours and sizes suitable for most windows. Another simple way of dressing your window. These can be used on their own or, for a softer effect, curtains can be added too.