The Voice of Rugby is set to be immortalised in Hawick

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When I interviewed Bill McLaren for the last time I mentioned to him that it would be inevitable that one day a statue in his honour would be a permanent fixture in his home town of Hawick, writes Stuart Cameron.

In typical modest fashion he laughed out loud and said: “That’ll give my former pupils an opportunity to throw snowballs at it.”

Well, it’s been confirmed that a statue of Bill will indeed be erected in Wilton Park and the Hawick Community Council is appealing for donations towards the £15,000 bronze statue.

The family of Bill McLaren are said to be thrilled with the idea and fans of the greatest rugby commentator the world has ever seen (and heard) will be delighted.

The bronze bust will sit on a cairn in the town’s main park and the statue will feature the commentator looking up towards his house in Buccleuch Road.

Bill worked at Hawick High School and pupils there will be involved in the development and planning of the project.

The winning design will be chosen at a ceremony this Saturday (appropriately Hawick Sevens day) in Hawick’s Tower Knowe when a memorial book will be available to sign.

The book will be at Mansfield Park, home of the Greens, between 4 and 6pm on Saturday and everyone signing will be invited to make a contribution to the Bill McLaren Foundation.