The sound of spring on the banks of the river


I woke up on Saturday morning to a sound which I have been longing to hear for some considerable time.

A male song thrush was perched atop a tree just outside my window and was in full glorious song. Spring had arrived a bit early so I had to leap out of bed and get outside to enjoy it before it finished.

A walk down the riverside after breakfast soon confirmed the seasonal change was in full swing.

Overhead, a deafening “pleep pleep” cacophony of noise came as a group

of 13 oystercatchers zoomed up the river towards their breeding grounds.

I was later to encounter odd pairs already prospecting for suitable sites on various stretches of riverbank.

Snowdrops were everywhere, hazel catkins were in full bloom and chaffinches, robins, dunnocks, various tits and even a mistle thrush were all in full song.

Sunday was even better as the sun was shining and I saw both my first bee and butterfly (small tortoiseshell) in the Tweed valley near Cardrona.

While in that area I popped in to Kailzie Gardens to see the spectacular display of snowdrops which were at their best in the dappled sunlight – well worth visiting before they go over.

As if all that wasn’t enough to confirm spring’s arrival, the final harbinger was encountered – the first squadron of motorbikes heading up the Yarrow Valley!