The SNP’S fascist tendency

David Bethune accuses me of scaremongering when I wrote about future border controls along our 154km border with England, if Scotland votes Yes in September (letters, July 17).

Of course there will be border controls – but don’t take my word for it, take that of HM Government. Its 98-page report on the subject, “Borders and Citizenship”, is available to download on the Better Together website (

My central thrust, however, was about the fascist tendency at the top of the SNP.

Consider its biggest centralised creation – Police Scotland. We already have an arrogant chief of police directing armed officers to attend routine tasks, causing alarm among the public.

Of this, ex-director of the Scottish Crime and Drugs Agency, Graeme Pearson MSP, said: “The deployment of armed police on routine patrols will have an incalculable impact on the relationship between Police Scotland and the public, and it is wrong.”

The SNP Government’s legislation to introduce state guardians or named persons for every child in Scotland without exception is an outrageous invasion of private family life.

Top human rights QC Aidan O’Neill questions the legality of this scheme which hinges on the belief that the state, rather than parents, is primarily responsible for the well-being and development of children. More information is available on

The SNP’s policy to blight the Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, and the Highlands and Islands with wind machines will ultimately lead to power cuts because baseline generation is being cut below the point which will support the grid on cold winter windless days when an anti-cyclone settles over the country.

It is green fascism. Saving the planet? State propaganda more like. Soutra wind farm saves as much C02 in a year as is produced by one Boeing 777 flying between Edinburgh and New York in one day. And at what cost? A state secret, of course.

How often have council decisions been overruled by the SNP Government? Too often. That isn’t democracy. And despite all its claims, on 163 days over the last three years Scotland had to rely on England to keep the lights on.

If these are the actions of a party for which the overwhelming majority of Scots did not vote at the last Scottish election, what confidence can we have if the SNP gets – as it never tires of saying – “the levers of power”.

What scunners folk is nationalists’ fundamentalist, fanatical belief that they know all the answers and everybody else is wrong.

The truth is that the Scottish National Party is a party run by a cabal at the top whose word is law. It is a top-down party where the party faithful must comply. When the leadership decided to endorse the privatisation of Scottish railways, it got its way. When it stood on its head over NATO, the cabal prevailed. When Alex Salmond supported Fred Goodwin, nobody complained. When it switched from the euro to a “shared pound”, nary a voice was raised, and in another volte-face, sterling is no longer “a millstone round Scotland’s neck”.

Independence is now to be backed by the Bank of England. A new country continuing as before.

They’re having a laugh. Be serious. A Yes vote is a vote for chaos.

William Loneskie