The real scroungers?

A total of 169 MPs last week voted yes to the “bedroom tax”, including our very own Michael Moore, some of whom claimed up to £25,000 each in their own “spare bedroom” expenses.

The highest claim – Richard Bacon’s whopping £25k in 2012-13 – could pay the “bedroom tax” for up to 30 families in his constituency for a whole year. His constituency is a three-hour commute from the House of Commons, yet his accommodation expenses bill averages £450 a week.

Even worse is Stephen Barclay, whose constituency in Cambridgeshire is less than two hours away – he has the fourth-highest claim at more than £24,000 last year.

Could Mr Moore explain how he can justify cutting £16 a week from the disabled, the vulnerable, the elderly, the poorest members of our society – while MPs claim up to £450 a week for their own “spare bedrooms”?I believe Mr Moore claimed up to £15,000 for 2012-13.

MPs might claim that their vast hotel bills are for “exceptional circumstances”, yet refuse to take into account the exceptional circumstances of the 420,000 disabled people losing around £16 a week as a result of the “bedroom tax”.

I’d like to ask our Westminster MP and all the other swine with their feet in the trough who are the real scroungers here?

James Stewart