The festival where Hawick’s

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Hawick celebrated a decade of the Reivers Festival last weekend with bumper crowds flocking to a series of events that reflected the traditions of a bygone age, writes Alex Thompson.

The event first took place in 2003 and has grown year-on-year, with the latest instalment a resounding success, according to chief organiser Cath Elliot-Walker.

“The weather was the highlight, and it’s been as good a festival as we’ve had,” said Mrs Elliot-Walker. “In the nice weather, people were out looking for something to do, and there was plenty for them. The high street was buzzing.

“There was a huge turnout at Wilton Lodge Park on Sunday for the school sports, which went really well. There was a big turnout for the torchlight procession, too, and everyone thought the fireworks were spectacular.

“The concerts were well-attended, too, and we sold out of Reivers Ale – all 240 bottles.”

Mrs Elliot-Walker wished to thank the organising committee and scores of volunteers who ensured the smooth running of the weekend-long festival.

“Thanks go to everyone who contributed in making this weekend another resounding success,” she said.

“A huge number of people, both as individuals and as members of clubs and societies, put in effort before and during the weekend.

“I personally want to thank the hard-working central committee for all their input over the whole year and boundless energy over this weekend. The crowds were great, and all the hard work and effort truly paid off.”

If you captured images of the weekend, you can enter the festival’s photography competition, sponsored by Derek Lunn Photography.

Participants are invited to enter across three age groups: primary school (up to 12 years), high school (13-18 years) and adult (19 or older).

Each applicant can submit two photographs, along with a completed application form (available from, to

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The organising committee is always looking for ways to improve the festival. Any suggestions on how to make next year’s event even better should be directed to Cath on 01450 372962.