Thanks to all 
the haggis 
hunt helpers

As reported in your columns last week, the annual Great Selkirk Haggis Hunt was again a resounding success with about 250 people of varying ages participating.

It is only a small band of enthusiastic hunters who organise this popular outing, but there are many who make it possible. I’d like to thank butchers J.A. Waters, Lindsay Grieve and Halliwells as well Sainsbury’s for ensuring once again that Selkirk Hill was well stocked with breeding pairs of haggis.

The hunt was started a number of years ago by hungry regulars at the Town Arms Inn and proprietor Mark Hay continues to support us and ensures that everyone who takes part receives a commemorative badge in addition to a certificate provided by the organisers.

We had a change of piper this year and are indebted to Bruce Hastie from Galashiels who admitted before setting off that he hadn’t realised there were haggis alive and breeding in Selkirk.

Thanks are also due to Riddell Fiddles who provided music for the dancing of the Haggis Polka and also to the other musicians who provided entertainment on our return to the Town Arms. Beachy Grieve and his team did a splendid job protecting the haggis from poachers as did the stewards who manned the road crossing points.

Thanks also to the Selkirk Hill management committee who each year give their blessing to the hunt. We hope everyone who turned out on a cold, crispy winter’s morning had a great day – our thanks are due to you.

Jimmy Linton,

Head Haggis Hunter