Thanks are directed at everyone involved

May I take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the Right Angle Theatre Production of Cinderella.

From those who took part to those who watched, it was enjoyed by all.

Many people gave of their time to ensure that the production took place, especially Gordon Keddie who is one of the hardest workers we have in the company. Gordon, your help as always is so much appreciated, most of which is unrecognised. Ronnie Shearer, Hilary Thomson and Hazel Cowburgh are also worthy of extra thanks for all their hard work in the run-up to the show.

The heavy snow gave us all worries as we had to forgo many rehearsals due to bad roads, but the company came up trumps and fitted in many extra night rehearsals to make up for it – my thanks to each and every member of the company for that extra effort. Thanks to Andy Thoms for stepping in at the last minute to take on the part of an ugly sister – nothing short of a miracle in the way he learned his lines in just over a week.

Thanks to Derek Calder for all his hard work with the music – another unappreciated task by most, but I know the hours of work involved.

The children were magnificent as the fairies – I absolutely loved the ballet finale of act one. Well done the junior team.

To everyone who took part, on stage, behind the scenes and front-of-house, my very grateful thanks for all your hard work – well worth it as the show seems to have been enjoyed by all.

Susan Shearer


Melrose Road