Teacher bashing

Regarding the letter entitled “Wrong type of reason for closing schools” sent in by Richard West and published last week, I would like to make the following comments.

He claims teachers “dreamed up” another reason to get a day off – when really ignorance and teacher bashing are more apparent.

No teacher has the power or authority to close a school, unless it is deemed an unsafe place to allow staff and pupils to work safely – and their duty of care is to protect and keep our children safe. The authority is Scottish Borders Council, not the teachers. It was not only schools that closed for the day, but businesses too.

As for teachers’ “creativity” to get more holidays and their “already outrageously-long holidays”, I know from personal experience that many teachers work long hours out of school, giving up their time after school, at weekends and lunchtimes to give children opportunities in sport and music to name but two – and all of it unpaid. Does this sound like simple greed? Sounds more like commitment and hard work to me.

Has he ever been inside his local high school, the one he seems to have no respect for or any inkling of the hard work that takes place there? I think not.

You wouldn’t last a day in the shoes of any teacher, Mr West, and if the job was so easy, why weren’t you a teacher?

Scott Thomson

Lauderdale Drive