Tattie expert John set for two Kelso talks

The Borders Organic Gardeners (BOG) group has asked potato expert John Marshall to give a talk on potatoes at the Abbey Row Centre in Kelso on Saturday at 2pm.

This is a free BOG event, open to the public as well as BOG members – so it doesn’t cost to discover how many things you don’t know about the tattie.

The annual Potato Day is on Sunday, March 6, from 11am-3pm at Kelso’s Springwood Park.

Mr Marshall will also be there with his expert advice as usual, as will the local food, craft and horticultural stands, cafe, tattie-tasting table, kids activities and organic gardening advice.

And, of course, keen gardeners can choose from more than 100 seed potato varieties sold by the tuber, together with shallot, onion and garlic sets, so you can try something different as well as old favourites.