Tasting and sounding the same

I keep receiving letters from the Twix brothers (you have seen the TV adverts) in which they have a factory pushing out the exact same product, while at the same time telling the world they are different and are always falling out due to these differences.

Michael Moore and John Lamont are one and the same party in government, attempting to inform the electorate they are so different. Well guys, you are fooling nobody, whether you are trying to cover or smother your policies in chocolate – we are getting the same product.

I get newsletters from both telling me how the Selkirk bypass has been ignored. The Selkirk people know that, and they also know we have had Tory and Liberal MPs and MSPs who have done nothing about a bypass for the 43 years I have lived in Selkirk. Why should we believe that this election will deliver?

Twix brother one, the current MP, sent me a newsletter telling about the mean and nasty Tory proposals that would allow bosses to fire staff for no reason, and how he and his team prevented this from happening.

Is this the same dynamic duo whose parties introduced a system where if someone is sacked unfairly due to being discriminated against for being disabled, female, race or religion related, they need to find £1,200 in order to get to court to prove their innocence? Employment tribunal applications have reduced by more than 70 per cent since its introduction, so how can this be classed as protecting workers?

Twix brother two, the MSP, tells me he is campaigning for a garden waste service to be introduced for every household in the Borders.

This was a campaign set in motion by hard work and a petition being sought for presentation to Scottish Borders Council and I may be mistaken, but I cannot recall the person heading this up as being an MSP.

The MSP’s campaigns for those who worked and were done the dirty on by the Woolworth closures were more crocodile tears as the legislation that caused this was introduced by his own Tory party. It was trade union Usdaw that fought this and challenged the unfairness from Prime Minister David Cameron’s lot.

Beware of those claiming to be different and then introducing the hated bedroom tax, giving huge pay increases to the already rich and allowing large corporations to dodge taxes. They are exactly the same and will remain so until the electorate wakes up to them.

Borders Twix brothers, you are fooling nobody.

Rab Stewart

Roberts Avenue