Taking the heat out of festive frenzy

As we enter the final few days of the festive shopping frenzy, spare a thought for the poor shopworker.

It is probably their busiest time of the year and the last thing they need is impatient customers giving them a hard time – and it won’t do the person being served much good either.

Weekend and late-night working is the norm for many in the retail trade, which isn’t exactly renowned for high rates of pay. Add to that the pre-Christmas rush and you have a prescription for stress.

But more disturbingly, in a letter from a union boss which we publish today, he reveals a shopworker is verbally abused, threatened with violence or physically attacked every minute of the working day. A dreadful statistic and state of affairs which should not be tolerated in 21st-century Scotland.

His union (Usdaw) is running a campaign asking customers to “Keep your Cool at Christmas” – a not unreasonable request.

Remember, Christmas is a time for goodwill to all men and women – and that includes shopworkers.