Swimmer takes on Nessie for Children 1st

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A ST Boswells woman raised more than £500 for Children 1st swimming a mile in Loch Ness earlier this month.

One of the charity’s project workers, Kirsty Davidson completed the swim in 37 minutes on Saturday, August 18.

She said: “I love swimming, but I wanted to try something a bit different. I knew Children 1st were looking for people to undertake the one-mile open water swim in Loch Ness. Not only was it a good challenge for me, but it let me do something else to help children and young people in Scotland.

“The day itself was a fantastic experience, even though the water temperature was only 10.5 degrees. When I was swimming I do think I touched Nessie with my foot, or maybe a conger eel. I definitely felt something there!”

The 35-year-old is a project worker for the children’s charity – formerly the NSSPCC – in Ettrick’s LetSBsafe2 service, which supports children who have experienced domestic abuse.

She added: “We have services across Scotland which support families under stress, protect children from harm and neglect and help them to recover from abuse.

“I am delighted to have contributed to the work by doing something which was so much fun.”