Sun shines for Galashiels kids

Galashiels Braw Lads' Week kicked off in style on Sunday at Netherdale as its annual sports day was blessed by fabulous sunshine.

Thursday, 28th June 2018, 2:15 pm
Updated Saturday, 30th June 2018, 3:09 pm
On the podium are, from left: bearer of the sod Greg Robertson, bearer of the red roses Amy Thomson, Braw Lad Greg Kelly, Braw Lass Kimberley O'May, Stella Daly of Langlee Primary School, bearer of the stone Mark Hood and bearer of the white roses Alex Mundell. In front are: Erin Liddle, Clovenfords Miya McLean, Burgh; Lucy Weir, Stow; Neve Temple, St Peter's.

All the top performers from individual school sports days were brought together to represent their primaries in various races.

And at the end of the day, it was St Peter’s Primary that led the field, followed by Clovenfords, with Burgh and St Margaret’s in joint third place.

Mark Hood and Alex Mundell watch Rachel Keddie on Spiro.

There was also a gymkhana held.

Judged by former braw lad and lass Mark Hood and Alex Mundell, it was reinstated last year after a lapse of 30 years.

Rugby sevens and football fives took place too, making the whole area buzz with excitement.

There were also pony rides, a Punch-and-Judy stall and several other attractions to keep the young ones happy in the heat.

Stella Daly, from Langlee Primary School, was chosen to present a bouquet of flowers to the Braw Lass, Kimberley O’May, who incidentally won the principals’ race on the day.


P1 boys: 1, Lucas Turner (L); 2, Aaron McLeod (T); 3, Tommy Pringle (St P). Girls: 1, Isla Woodburn (C); 2, Roni Blackie (B); 3, Kaya Kulinska (L).

P2 boys: 1, Finn Bayne (C); 2, Blake Mitchenson (St P); 3, K. Hewitson (T). Girls: 1, Lara Abdrabbo (B); 2, Leah Murdoch (St P); 3, Demi McLaughlin (Bal).

The Braw Lass, Kimberley O'May won the principals' race.

P3 boys: 1, Aaron Deloteau (C); 2, Robbie Douglas (C); 3, Arik Howitt-Tynkowski (B). Girls: 1, Isabella Palepoi (T); 2, Melisa Matiukaite (L); 3, Brooke Donaldson (Bal).

P4 boys: 1, Jensen Mains (St P); 2, Kenzie McLaughlin (Bal); 3, Jack Broatch (L). Girls: 1, Lili Mundell (C); 2, Darcie Liddle (C); 3, Leen Aldib (B).

P5 boys: 1, Lewis Gillie (St P); 2, Hamish Seggie (St P); 3, Max Black (St P). Girls: 1, Holly D’Agrosa (C); 2, Jodi Alexander (B); 3, Isla Train (G).

P6 boys: 1, Luca Rudge (St P); 2, Rowan Tuft (C); 3, Shane Ross (G). Girls: 1, Molly Turnbull (St P); 2, Kelly McCraw (Bal); 3, Amy Owenson (St P).

P7 boys: 1, Nairn Moncrieff (St P); 2, Addison Bell (T); 3, Danny Allison (G). Girls: 1, Evie Renwick (St P); 2, Kiera McCall (St P); 3, Rojin Barskanmay (B).

P5 boys sack race: 1, Lewis Gillie (St P); 2, Fraser Paterson (B); 3=, Cory McColl & Lewis Brownlee (St P).

P5 girls egg and spoon race: 1, Isla Duncan (St P); 2, Ellie Thomson (St P); 3, Skye-Machara Henderson (C).

Swinton Purves Memorial Shield Relay: 1, St Peter’s (Nairn Moncrieff; Gregor Balmer; Evie Renwick; Kiera McCall); 2, Burgh (Lewis Duncanson; Finlay Downie; Rojin Barskanmay; Isla Paterson); 3, Clovenfords (Rowan Tuft; Oisin Beard; Lucy D’Agrosa; Ella Mundell).

Results from the Potted Sports: 1, St Peter’s; 2, Clovenfords; 3=, Burgh & St Margaret’s.

Rugby 7s results: P6/7 winners Glendinning; P4/5 winners Burgh/St Margarets.

School code: Balmoral (Bal); Burgh (B); Clovenfords ( C); Glendinning (G); Langlee (L); St Peter’s (St P); St Margaret’s (St M); Stow (S); Tweedbank (T)