Struggling with the stereotypes

I STARTED the Youth Campaign last month through Facebook after a very informative conversation with my mum, writes Louise Chapman.

It was about the popular misconceptions and stereotypes used on the news, especially the BBC.

The one that really annoyed us is that it seems that when young people are mentioned they mainly use pictures of them hanging about in hoodies and then elderly people are all shown to be frail and helpless.

We talked about how great it would be to see a campaign by people of all ages to help change people’s perspective. The majority of young people are hard workers – young carers, students with part-time jobs, babysitters, working with the media and lots more things to help their family and communities.

I created the Youth Campaign on Facebook and added people from around the Borders and we started working on the best ways to change the stereotype.

I’d like to get a better understanding of why people see groups of people in a certain way and what we need to do to change stereotypes. Maybe then we can get involved in making a real difference in the community.

To get involved, search Youth Campaign on Facebook – we would like to hear your ideas and opinions.