Striking perspectives

Your readers may have been inconvenienced by the public-service strike and protest demonstrations last Wednesday.

However, we should be pleased to see the start of organised resistance to the attacks on our public sector from Westminster and Holyrood, as well as the official theft of many people’s pensions.

Council and health workers are not responsible for the economic mess for which we are made to pay.

Meanwhile, profits go up and we waste money and lives on war and weapons of mass destruction.

Currently, a teacher at the top of their scale with 25 years’ experience might expect a pension of £14,250, cut to £10,625, but an MP or MSP could get £41,080, and a FTSE company director’s pension is 23 times that of average teacher and 34 times bigger than the average public-sector pension.

More than enough money is available if we have a 20 per cent wealth tax on the £millions of the most wealthy 10 per cent.

Norman Lockhart

Waverley Road