Straight or gay – we are all sinners

You have stirred up a hornet’s nest by front-paging homosexuality.

Physiologically, we all know what sex is for and that it has a place related to gender (don’t we). OK, we accept that it is practised outside of the male/female relationship, but we know that it doesn’t properly belong there.

Today, however, the push is on not just for acknowledgement, but approval of that sexual practice as an equally valid and alternative way of practising sex. However, the frustrating thing is that reasoned discussion is replaced by the tactic of ignoring the argument and bad-mouthing opponents.

First, confuse the position, refuse to speak of sexual practice and talk as though the whole issue was merely an abstract social question about getting on with people different from ourselves.

Second, depict any who raise simple facts, such as the abnormality and health dangers of homosexual practice, as wicked people who are really intent on persecuting others.

Third, implicitly warn onlookers to steer clear on pain of being shamed as homophobic bigots. It can be seen regularly in all kinds of media (take a note of the three points for future reference).

As I didn’t initially raise the subject in your columns, but was only referred to, I would be more than happy to meet with any who would like to discuss with me – or even put me right (!) on the matter. By all means get in touch, I won’t bite, and more light, less heat will help us all.

Finally, may I add, in case any are tempted to join in the debate, that people who engage in same-sex practices are particularly vulnerable to abuse and ill-mannered behaviour, and we should remember that people are people whoever they are and whatever they engage in. We all rely on the grace of God and in need of the loving compassion and care of each other, for we are all sinners and we all live in glass houses.

Reverend Leslie Steele

Old Parish and St Paul’s Church