Stormers knit communities together

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Selkirk’s latest yarn storming project is being hailed as a great success, with more than 500 people signing the visitor’s book already.

An estimated 800 people have visited the ‘Fully Woolly’ pop-up shop in the first 10 days of the exhibition, raising more than £1,000 for charity.

The shop at 23 High Street showcases the craft skills of the Souter Stormers, who have knitted a living room to raise funds for charity.

The exhibition started on September 1 and will remain until the end of the month, before hopefully going on tour for others to see.

Kay Ross, chairman of the Souter Stormers, said: “We are thrilled by the reaction of those who have visited, who have been totally amazed by the work.

“People are coming from all over and have highly praised the initiative for engaging the local community.

“They have also been very generous in their support for our selected charities.”

Photographs of the work have been shared on social media, creating a real buzz and expanding the number of visitors and it has been filmed for a future Border Life TV programme.

Adding to the fun, the Souter Stormers also included a competition for children to find something that has been knitted and placed in every business along the main street in Selkirk, and the town was abuzz with competitors last Saturday.

“The organisers of Fully Woolly are to be congratulated. The yarn storming has engaged the community and is a draw for visitors to the town.

“This is the sort of innovative project that the Selkirk Business Improvement District (BID) would look to build upon if approved in November’s ballot,” said Will Haegeland, chair of Selkirk Means Business. 

At Selkirk Community Council’s meeting on Monday evening, chairman Alistair Patullo made special mention of the Selkirk Stormers project in his opening address.

He said: “I think the Selkirk Stormers should be roundly applauded for their Fully Woolly yarn storming efforts.

“It really has brightened up the town and some of the items really make you smile.

“If you haven’t seen it yet, go and look at the knitted foot in the chiropodists. It is a fantastic piece.”

The project will collect funds for Fresh Start Borders, offering start up packs for those who have been homeless now moving into a new home; and Knit Aid, a charity which knits for refugees who have fled to Europe.