Stone-throwing yobs slammed for putting lives at risk during attack on Hawick bus

Yobs put the lives of a passenger and the driver of a bus at risk after smashing a window in an early-evening vandal attack in Hawick this week.

Friday, 14th July 2017, 9:15 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:23 am
Councillor Clair Ramage at a bus stop in Burnfoot.

On Monday at around 6pm, a Perryman’s Buses H2 service was targeted by a group of stone-throwing youths in Fraser Avenue, Burnfoot, with one stone smashing a side window.

Luckily, neither the one passenger aboard at the time nor the driver of the bus were not injured.

This is the second such attack in a matter of months following another in Burnfoot in October last year.

From left, bus users Kate Oliver and Sally Robertson with councillor Clair Ramage.

Hawick councillors have criticised the yobs responsible, urging them to have some thought for the safety of others.

Hawick and Denholm councillor Clair Ramage said: “It is just luck that nobody was seriously injured on Monday when a group of youths threw stones at a Perryman’s bus and damaged a window.

“This is the second incident to have happened in Burnfoot and really impacts on the community as the remainder of the bus journey was cancelled.

“If this mindless behaviour continues, there is a chance that someone could be seriously injured next time.

From left, bus users Kate Oliver and Sally Robertson with councillor Clair Ramage.

“I hope that maybe members of the public may have information that will allow the police to deal with the individuals involved.

“Thoughtless, loutish behaviour like this is totally unacceptable.”

Hawick and Hermitage councillor and honorary provost Watson McAteer was equally appalled, saying: “This attack on a Perryman’s bus in Burnfoot is completely outrageous, placing the lives of passengers and the driver at serious risk.

“This company has made a strong commitment to Hawick, and they and their passengers should not be subjected to this sort of behaviour by mindless hooligans.

“I would ask that anyone with information contact Police Scotland on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 as soon as possible to prevent any reoccurrence.”

Tony McConnell, operations supervisor at Perryman’s, said: “It seems almost unthinkable that anyone could be mindless enough to throw an object at a moving vehicle.

“Thankfully, no one was harmed. However, the thoughtless actions of those youths involved resulted in the cancellation of the bus service for the remainder of that particular journey and travel disruption for our customers.

“We would ask anyone with any information about those responsible for this attack to contact Police Scotland.

“I would like to reassure our customers we place safety at the centre of everything we do and will continue to work with the police to seek prosecutions of those involved.”

Kate Oliver, 65, of Burnfoot, a regular user of the H2 service, added: “I don’t have a car, so I use the bus all the time.

“This was terrible – really, really bad. Firing missisles at a bus is so dangerous. Young people need to know just how dangerous it is.”

In October last year, a H1/H2 bus was attacked by stone-throwing youths, both boys and girls in their early teens, while stationary beside the shops in Burnfoot Road.

Anyone with information on the identity of the yobs responsible for the latest attack is asked to call Police Scotland or Crimestoppers.