Standing up to the bullies at SBC

My wife and I were interested in reading the article published last week entitled “Parker: Time to tackle stress at SBC head on”.

Doesn’t Councillor David Parker realise that work-related stress has only really become an issue at the council over the last few years, while he has been leader, and that the main cause of stress is the increase and general acceptance of bullying.

I, like many others, was a victim of bullying and, although I was dedicated to my job, I finally could not take any more and I put in a complaint about my manager, a member of the senior management team. This resulted in me losing my job and the bullying issue being ignored.

Throughout this process Councillor Parker supported the actions of my manager and shortly after was involved in promoting her.

Until Scottish Borders Council deals effectively with these bullies and there are councillors that will stand up for the workforce, I fear the issue of absence due to stress will only worsen.

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