Staffies can make your home a happy one

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Last week, we looked at how Staffies are unfairly seen as dangerous dogs across the country, which has led to the breed accounting for half the dogs awaiting rehoming.

Obviously, there are will always be differences in individual’s personalities, but in general, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is friendly, affectionate and enthusiastic. They are not the most reserved of dogs and can be quite excitable, meaning that even when well trained, they can require repeated reminders to settle.

As mentioned earlier, they are easy to train since the desire to please is extremely strong in their personality. As an added bonus, the puppies are very easy to house train.

Irresponsible breeding, largely caused by an unwillingness to neuter, coupled with a lack of supervision, has resulted in a huge dilution of the original breed. Once again we see Staffordshire Cross dogs in all sorts of combinations regularly. Indeed, it is often very difficult to identify the composition, especially if the dog is a result of second or third-generation cross breeding. Because of this, the traits of the full breed cannot always be guaranteed in the cross. We take a great deal of care to assess each individual prior to admitting it to the centre and undertake an initial viewing at the dog’s home followed by an in-depth assessment at our facility. Only if we feel that the dog is suitable for rehoming do we take it into our care. In addition, we constantly monitor behaviour and temperament throughout its stay and seek to work on any training issues as we go. For this reason we build up a very good understanding of the dog’s character and are well placed to pass this information on to prospective new owners. The big problem we face, however, is that we all too rarely get interest in our Staffordshire types.

We, and probably every rescue centre in the land, would simply ask that you look past the stereotype that has built up around the breed. They really can make fantastic family pets; being loyal, playful, affectionate, intelligent and eager to please. They enjoy playing a full part in the life of the family as well as relishing an active lifestyle. In short, they can be seen as a great all-round dog with so much to give to the right home. So if you are looking for a new four-legged friend, please consider them, and you could be rewarded with a fantastic addition to your family.