St Boswells enjoys memorable Village Week

St Boswells Village Week fancy dress ( Friday) .Isobel Folan (monopoly)
St Boswells Village Week fancy dress ( Friday) .Isobel Folan (monopoly)

Rain definitely did not stop play last week as events in St Boswells Village Week enjoyed record attendances and, for the most part, fine weather.

A varied programme of community activities filled the extended week – from the Diamond Jubilee dance in the village hall on Saturday, June 2, dancing to Bob Hunter’s songs from the six decades of the Queen’s reign, to the final rounders and barbecue at the cricket club on Sunday, with everything from a talent show and pet show providing wonderful entertainment in between.

St Boswells Village Week fancy dress ( Friday)  (piccadilly circus).

St Boswells Village Week fancy dress ( Friday) (piccadilly circus).

All the events raised funds and awareness for different groups in the village, with the organising committee funding costs and helping with promotion and management where required.

A new and very successful event was last Monday’s golf fun day and barbecue which was well organised and gave everyone at all ages and stages a chance to try golf and archery in the beautiful setting of St Boswells Golf Club by the River Tweed.

The Boswells’ Got Talent show on Thursday evening saw a packed village hall enjoying a very varied selection of entertainment, including singing, dancing, piano and poem recitals. The event raised money for St Boswells Pensioners’ Social Club.

After the audience had voted, the top three turns performed again and the final act was chosen by three judges, the winner being announced as a dancing trio called The Boom Box, comprising Jordan and Haillie Hume and Amy McLeish whose imaginative choreography and execution brought the house to their feet.

St Boswells Village Week fancy dress ( Friday)  (tea at the ritz, Lucy and Neve Clark)

St Boswells Village Week fancy dress ( Friday) (tea at the ritz, Lucy and Neve Clark)

The inclement weather of Friday meant the fancy dress, which this year had a London theme, was switched from The Green to the village hall where group entry Picadilly Circus proved a popular overall winner. Mimi Pitman’s dog Lulu was deemed the star of Saturday’s pet show.

The village race on Sunday attracted a large and competitive field with Jonathan Taylor coming home in front for the men and Fiona Dalgleish leaving the adult females in her wake.

Kate Warner, chairperson of the organising committee, told us: “To have all ages of people together in the village hall for Boswells’ Got Talent was fantastic and that was a real highlight of the week, with everyone happy, laughing and socialising together.

“That really showed the community spirit of St Boswells and was a hugely successful evening.”

St Boswells Village Week fancy dress ( Friday)

St Boswells Village Week fancy dress ( Friday)

Fancy Dress Winners

Pre-school singles – Carnaby Street (Harris Fox-Robertson); The Queen(Emily Nightingale).

Primary 1-3 singles – Knightsbridge (Sandy Coulter); Beefeater (Isaac Robertson).

Primary 4-7 – London Eye (Aimee McLeish); Queenie – Melissa Taylor.

Other singles – I Love London (Kate Warner); Big Ben (Louise Taylor).

Pairs – Tower Bridge (Andrew Neil & Robbie Holland); Big Ben & Little Ben (Cameron & Kirsty Rankine); Tea at the Ritz (Neve & Lucy Clarke).

Groups – Piccadilly Circus (the Rathies, Olivers, and Dalgleishes); London Bus (Finlay Warner, Callum Folan, Christian and Luke Townsend).

Pet Show

Small dogs – 1, Brock; 2, Pinkie Brown (Panda Pitman); 3, Pedro (Sarah Gulliver-Goodall).

Medium dogs –1, Lulu (Mimi Pitman); 2, Scout (Lauren Purves); 3, Cali.

Large dogs – 1, Fidget (Theo Tweedie); 2, Wallace (Percy Henderson); 3, Harvey (Laurie Corcoran).

Fur group – 1, Silky (Fletcher Falconer); 2, Bolt (Orla Folan); 3, Pringle (Daisy Cunningham).

Obedience/agility – 1, Badger (Ella Warner); 2, Scout (Jenny Purves).

Village Sports

Under 8 – 1, Kia Hume; 2, Keir Rathie, Jack Murray and Orla Folan.

Age 8-11 – 1, Steven Sorrie; 2, Tom Church; 3, Lauren Purves.

Age 12-15 – 1, Ryan Bell; 2, Stuart Hill; 3, Lauri Corcoran.

Over 16s – 1, Claire Falconer; 2, Colin Bell; 3, Ewan Watt.

Village Race

Under 8 boys – 1, Luke Townsend; 2, Dylan Mann; 3, Fletcher Falconer.

Under 8 girls – 1, Orla Folan; 2, Tiegan Gibb; 3, Fabienne Murray.

Boys 8-11 – 1, Calum McGowan; 2, William Taylor; 3, Ethan Dalgleish.

Girls 8-11 – 1, Jessica Taylor; 2, Charlotte Dalgleish; 3, Amy Shepherd.

Boys 12-15 – 1, Johnson Rodgie; 2, Louise Blacklock; 3, Callum McNeill.

Girls 12-15 – 1, Lauren Flack; 2, Zoe Blacklock; 3, Becky Farnish.

Men 16-40 – 1, Jonathan Taylor; 2, Ally McGillvray; 3, Gregor Townsend.

Ladies 16-40 – 1, Fiona Dalgleish; 2, Claire Townsend; 3, Kate Henderson.

Men over 40 – 1, Keith Farnish; 2, Simon Taylor; 3, John Brown.

Ladies over 40 – 1, Judith Folan; 2, Tanya Bridges; 3, Pooee Pitman.