SPEAK? Yes, you can! You can make 
a difference to you and your business

What’s your greatest fear?

Have you ever had that nervous, sinking feeling when asked to speak at an event or to the media?

Whether presenting to a business meeting or conference, speaking in court, to the media, or just a club or family wedding – addressing groups, large or small, tops people’s most dreaded and nerve-racking list.

Why? Because you feel out of your comfort zone? You’re unsure what to say or how to say it? You don’t like the sound of your own voice? You worry about expectations? You think it’s not your gift and don’t do it well?

So how important is your message? How far is your business judged by what you say and how you say it?

Are you losing work or credibility for want of effective coaching?

We know “people buy people”, so great dividends are gained by improving presentation, communication and media-savvy skills.

This summer’s Olympic and Paralympic Games have been an inspiration. We’ve seen how achievement brings confidence and is a spur to even greater success.

Personal one-to-one coaching by an experienced professional who understands the issues and how you can achieve success, means that your strengths can be enhanced and weaknesses overcome, whether in sport or speaking at an event. What you can achieve will amaze you if you put yourself in the right hands. Speaking successfully – engagingly, fluently, inspiringly and memorably – to groups of whatever size, means using very different skills from those of everyday conversation. This can be confusing and why, untutored, so many find it daunting and difficult.

People thus frequently under-achieve, their message making little impact. But it’s not rocket science. It’s a learned skill, as straightforward and empowering as learning to drive a car.

A respected former BBC documentary producer, SPEAK’s founder, Carol Jefferson-Davies, understands how presenters feel and exactly what’s needed to engage audiences in a compelling and memorable way.

Carol’s inspiring, personal approach, coaching one-to-one within small groups or privately, enables you to realise your skills in new ways. Drawing on years of experience, Carol brings the best out of you. She shows you how to develop your own innate style and teaches you reliable, bespoke techniques to engage audiences and improve your delivery. The result – natural self-confidence and distinctive flair so that you and your message stand out from the crowd.

Carol says: “People arrive for a master class with apprehensions. It’s really exciting to watch these disappear as they develop abilities, some didn’t even know they had, and go away on a high – empowered, enthused and enabled.

“Their greatest encouragement in achieving their aims, is witnessing for themselves, through video-playback and the group’s response, the substantial difference it’s made for them. The things they learn filter through the rest of their lives, giving them lasting personal and professional benefits.”

So what do clients say?

“Inspiring and really practical – what more could I ask?” – A.McC, project manager

“A fantastic day. You were a great help and can work magic.” – N.S.L., solicitor

“You’ve brought out abilities I didn’t know existed! Thank you.” – F. D.-A., conservationist

“Carol’s experience and knowledge shine.” – S.C., photographer and M.D.

“Brilliant. One of the best courses I’ve been on. It pays to have a real professional to teach you.” P.A., lawyer

For master classes near you contact: Carol Jefferson-Davies BA(Hons)JH PGCE(QTS), telephone: 01890 817006; email: carol@speak.uk.com; web: www.speak.uk.com

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