Spain sounds out the Scots

I have been living in Spain for eight years, although hail from Jedburgh.

I teach and play the Scottish bagpipes, and a Spanish person I taught plays along with me.

I decided to get involved with groups playing the Spanish bagpipes and, not so far from me, was a group playing and practising in the Alicante Galician centre. They were formed by people who originally come from Galicia and for them the pipes are more of a fiesta instrument, which is very enjoyable to listen to and even better when you play it.

I have been learning and playing tunes along with the group. I even went to Galicia with some group members, played at a few fiestas, met lots of interesting people and more pipers.

I am trying to organise a tour to Scotland for the group, so that they can show off their musical talents. The group would like to come in August and members are looking for somewhere to stay. They would be willing to play, dance or sing at any festival, fete etc.

Anyone interested should contact me and I will forward photographs, videos and a recording from their latest concert, plus a history of Galican bagpiping.

Willie Hume