Sowing the seeds of success at Gordon

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RESULTS from last Saturday’s Gordon Flower Show:

Lady’s spray, S. Wood Gent’s Buttonhole, R. Seville; Rose, V. Haldane; 3 Roses. V. Haldane; 1 Galdioloi Spike, R. Seville; 3 Decoraeted Dahlias, M. Beattie; 1 Vase Cut Garden Flowers, J. Cossigny;1 Vase Sweet Peas, F. Gilchrist; Hanging Basket, V. Haldane; best exhibit in classes 6-21, J. Cossigny; best in rose classes, V. Haldane; 1 Flowering Begonia, J. Cossigny; Chilli Plant, A. Rendall; Best in Foliage, S. Scott Aiton; Best in Bloom, A. Rendall; 1 Fuchsia, B. Massie; Geranium in a Pot, M. Beattie; most points in cut flowers/pot plant, V. Haldane; Best Begonia, J. Cossigny; The Olympic Torch, A. Smail; An Autumn Arrangement, A. Smail; Herbs in a Jar, S. Scott Aiton; most points in floral art, A. Smail; Best Exibit in Floral Art, Angela Smail.

Hens Eggs, G. Moore; 4 Onions, B. Massie; 6 Onions, R. Seville; 4 Carrots (Intermediate), B. Massie; 4 Carrots (Short), B. Massie; 3 Parsnips, M. Barnett; 6 Shallots (White), B. Massie; 2 Peppers, B. Massie; 2 Leeks (Blanch), B. Massie; 3 Globe Beet, B. Massie; 4 White Potatoes (round), B. Massie; 4 White Potatoes (kidney), B. Massie; 4 Coloured Paotatoes (round), B. Massie; 4 Coloured Potatoes (kidney), B. Massie; 3 Varieties Potatoes (4 of each), B. Massie; Heaviest Potato, D. Smail; 6 Pods of Peas, D. Smail; 6 Onion Sets, D. Smail; 3 Courgettes, B. Massie;1 Cucumber, E. Fairley;1 Box of Veg (4 Varieties), B. Massie; 1 Lettuce, B. Massie; 1 Cabbage (Pointed), B. Massie; 1 Cabbage (Round), R. Seville; 1 Cauliflower, B. Massie; 4 Broad Beans, D. Smail; 6 Tomatoes on a Plate, E Fairley; 1 Truss of Tomatoes, B. Massie; Misshapen Vegetable, B. Massie; Gordon Flower Show Cup, B. Massie; Best Exibit in Horticultural Section, B. Massie (Box of Veg); Novice Prize, R. Seville.

3 Fruit Scones, R. Seville; 3 Dropped Scones, V. Haldane; Savoury Loaf, M Barnett; Gingerbread, S. Wood; Carrot Cake, R. Seville; Honey Cake, S. Wood; Coffee and Walnut Cake, R. Seville; Victoria Sponge, H. Donald; Tea Loaf, H. Donald; 3 Pieces Caramel Shortbread, A. Cove; 3 Meringues, K. Grieve; Gladstone Cup for Best Exibit, R Seville (Coffee Cake); Best Exibit in Baking Section, R Seville (Coffee Cake); Most points in Baking Section,. R. Seville; Blackcurrant Jam, M.Beattie; Raspberry Jam, M.Beattie; Strawberry Jam, A. Rendall; Jelly, M. Beattie; Chutney, M.Beattie; Lemon Curd, S. Wood; Marmalade, H. Donald; most points, M. Beattie.

Article in Handmade Felt, S. Wood; Something New from Something Old, F. Gilchrist; Piece of Embroidery, H. Donald; Birthday Card, H. Donald; Handbag, F. Gilchrist; Knitted Garment, S. Wood; S.Wood; Picture (Any Craft), A. Smail; Open Choice, A. Dempsey; Most Points in Handicraft Section, H. Donald; Photograph (Sport), J.Cove; Photograph (A Magic Moment), J. Cove.

Juniors, Under 8 years, Drawing of Myself, J. Dawes; 3 Top Hats, D. Robson; Vegetable/Fruit Monster, J. Dawes; 8-11 years, Decorated Jelly, H. Hutchison; Recycled Medal, H. Hutchison; Handwritten Poem, G. Dawes; 12-15 years, Decorated ‘T’ Shirt, B. Redpath; CD Cover, B. Redpath.

Gordon Junior Cup, J. Dawes; Intermediate Cup, H. Hutchison; Helen Lauder Cup, B. Redpath.

School Artwork: Nursery, William; Primary 1, James A; Primary 2, Maisie Tennent; Primary 3, Cody; Primary 4, Amy; Primary 5, Lui; Primary 6, Jack; Primary 7, Ninian; Best in School Artwork, Maisie Tennent.

Susan Scotchmer Trophy, Darcy Robson; Committee Prize, Beth Redpath.