Southern Reporter is on the move

It’s been a year of change here at The Southern. In March we took the giant step of changing the newspaper’s format from broadsheet to compact. It was one that we believed would be welcomed by readers, and so it proved, by and large. Sales went up and lots of you got in touch to tell us how much you loved your new-look Southern.

In the six months since then, we have continued to evaluate what we do to ensure we give you, our readers, what you want and need from your local newspaper, and to that end we’re looking for readers willing to join a panel to help us make improvements (visit

And as of October 18, The Southern will no longer reside at The Hermitage, on Selkirk’s High Street. We’re on the move to a new home in the town.

Arrangements at our new office at Riverside Industrial Estate are still being finalised, so we will be basing ourselves in various locations for a short period.

Advertising staff will still be based in the town, at Ettrick Riverside, while editorial staff will be spending more time in the community.

During that period, you will still be able to contact editorial and advertising by phone and using our current email addresses.

We hope to make the move as seamless as possible for our readers and advertisers, so that all you have to worry about is picking up a copy of the paper on a Thursday.