Souters asked for their opinion on a Selkirk bypass

Selkirk bypass plans
Selkirk bypass plans

The people of Selkirk are being asked this week whether or not they want a bypass.

The Selkirk Regeneration Company will be in No 1 Tower Street (the corner pop-up shop) on Thursday and Friday (July 28 and 29) to gauge opinion.

The move follows the visit of Humza Yousaf, minister for transport at the Scottish Government, who said he wants to know how many people are actually for the bypass, before committing any government funds to the project.

Dr Lindsay Neil, of the regeneration company, said: “Selkirk first planned a bypass in 1936, but wars and other events kept interfering. Now that we have our own government and ministers we can speak to, we at last have a chance to get it done.

“The big advantages would be public safety, public health and less through-traffic and congestion for commuters and locals alike.

“Most importantly it would greatly improve the quality of life in the town.”

Dr Neil added: “We want to encourage as many people as possible to express their approval as they did, almost unanimously, at the general election hustings meeting and in the small surveys we have already done.

“Please pop in, Thursday or Friday, 9am -4pm, say you want a bypass (or not), give your name and post code, and we will do the hammering for Selkirk on the doors of Holyrood.”

“This is something you can do for the benefit of all Selkirk, but residents of Hawick and Galashiels may also want to give their opinion.”

Dr Neil also added that if anyone was available to help with the taking of signatures, it would be most welcome.