Sounds a terrible way to modernise

First Minister Alex Salmond is campaigning for an independent Scotland.

So why are firms like Edinburgh Woollen Mill (EWM) in the Borders changing policies at their branches?

As one-time regular customers, we were always delighted to be welcomed by the cheerful sound of Scottish music being played. It was always a pleasure to spend time browsing before making purchases.

Now we are having our eardrums burst by the noise of modern-day, so-called music, mostly of the English screaming-cats type, and I am English so know what I am talking about.

For goodness sake, EWM, your customers are mostly of the-over 50 brigade. The style of clothes is for their age group. Tourists come from all over the world and they want to see and hear Scottish traditions while visiting this country.

Through TheSouthern, perhaps EWM will explain the reasons for the change. So far, all I can gather from staff is that they want to modernise.

Well, there may be some groovy OAPs around, but from what I have seen, not in those stores. Presumably it is these people they hope to attract, for surely they must be joking if they think it is for younger folk.

Jean Cunningham