Sorting wheat from chaff in the digital age

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And I wish I had invented it. Although I’m not a big fan of Faceache (there’s enough gossip in the street and at the school gates), I do rate it for groups like ‘Free stuff in the Borders’ (fab page), ‘Poultry in the Scottish Borders’ (of course, and also fab) and Scots Grey Chickens (a small but growing, friendly band I’ve recently joined).

The groups on Faceache where you can buy and sell stuff are worth a look just to see what’s out there. Folk wanting to sell TVs, or buy tattie boxes. Yes, tattie boxes. Anything from sofas to jewellery to offers to uplift any scrap metal. And they mean any ... at all.

Then there are the ‘fan’ groups. I belong to a couple of poultry groups and a Patterdale group. That’s Patterdale as in the dog breed, not the place in Englandshire.

I love these sites for the banter and the advice. Yes, there are some folk on them who post cute pics of their animals and birds for others to oooh and aaah over, but there are also lots of lively discussions on animal welfare and advice on identifying illnesses and the like. This is invaluable stuff, and there’s always someone to offer their advice and/or help. Yes, there are often differences of opinion, and yes, there are fall-outs occasionally, but folk usually make up with each other and all’s fine.

The groups offering free stuff, where folk put up pictures and posts about their unwanted stuff to ‘recycle’ are a must. It’s amazing what you’ll see on there. One man’s gold is another man’s total tatt. Truly eye-opening.

I have also been a member of the local Freecycle group for a wee whiley, and so far haven’t replied to anyone’s advert and taken anything unwanted in, but I have got rid of quite a lot of tatt. Erm, I mean, stuff that we own of the unwanted variety.

So far, I have managed to offload, erm, I mean, Freecycle, a plastic pink and purple bubble car, a wee girls’ bike with ‘princess’ stickers and midget stabilisers, an old office swivel chair and a coffee maker. Beauty.

I will shortly be listing a heee-yooooo-ge bundle of Happyland (when I can work out how much a shed-load of Happyland will cost to post??), and have just sold a Beyblade Metal Fusion stadium on eBay. If you have to ask, you’re not with the programme, pops.

More plastic tatt (of the variety that I am utterly convinced no-one could ever want in their entire puff and so will not be Freecycled in any shape or form), is in the trailer waiting for a lift to the tip at Gala.

The Shoogly nippers are growing (at last) and their seemingly unending appetite for anything plastic that comes out of the Argos catalogue seems to be abating.

Adult space is slowly being reclaimed in Shoogly Towers.

Now we just have to shed a dog or two inside, and outside if we offload a chicken/turkey/quail or three we’ll be laughing.