Solidarity hopeful savages spending cuts

HUGH Kerr, who is number one on Solidarity’s South of Scotland regional list for May 5, has this week hit out against mounting cuts to jobs and services in the public sector.

The former MEP said: “At the heart of these attacks is a right-wing ideology that is fundamentally opposed to public services paid for by progressive taxation.

“Using the country’s deficit as a cloak, UK chancellor George Osborne is plunging a dagger into the idea of universality and services provided free at the point of use.

“The ‘Con-Dem’ government of millionaires has declared war on its own people. It’s a savage, heartless assault on jobs,wages, the NHS, our schools, pensions, and the welfare benefits of the poorest.

“You have to go back to the 1920s to see cuts as deep and as brutal as those being carried out today. No politician with an ounce of principle or courage could fail to stand up and be counted.

“Too many politicians seem prepared to inflict the Tory cuts on those who elected them ... and all this as average incomes have fallen by £500 per year in real terms as a result of the bankers’ crisis and their ‘Con-Dem’ pals’ policies in government.

“Labour, SNP and Lib Dem councillors are voting for cuts, and the slashing of jobs and services across Scotland. That’s why in this election Solidarity is standing across Scotland to offer an alternative.”